OFP:Addon Making on Hold

12 Aug

Hi all ive put all my current projects on hold, having to concentrate on my postgraduate studies at the moment and also i have just bought Arma2 and i have a new PC, so as of yet i havent reinstalled OFP.

My New PC

The hardware is mighty impressive:

  • Dual Core AMD 3.10GHz
  • 4.Gig RAM
  • 500 Gig HD 16MB Cache
  • ATI Radeon 4800 2Gig Graphics Card

So now my computer really does fly, and it will be able to play the latest games, and run all the software packages i need too. As before i was finding it hard on my old machine to run multiple programs at the same time due to having only an AMD 1600 and 512MB RAM whch is pathetic compared to my new computer, which i see as a good investment for the future.

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