Arma2: Nogovan Light Infantry Release

21 Feb
This if my first release for Arma2, these troops are a reskin of the CDF troops. They are my Nogovan Light Infantry units. Please appreciate these are only a reskin and are my first addon.

Nogovan Light Infantry Soldiers Pack 1.0
Release 1.0
By R0adki11
To contact me please feel to use the Bis Forums
– Bis for this great game we all still enjoy.
– Public Release
There is 2 PBO files in the rar file, which need to be extracted into your Arma2 Addons folder or appropiate Mod folder.
Nogovan Light Infantry units can be found under:
Nogovan Light Infantry units can be found under:
Located in Nogovan Light Infantry
rki_nli_rifleman – armed with g3
rki_nli_squadleader – armed with g3 aimpont
rki_nli_teamleader armed with g3 aimpont
rki_nli_medic – armed with g3
rki_nli_machinegunner – armed with m240
rki_nli_rifleman_rpg – armed with g3 and rpg
rki_nli_rifleman_aa – armed with g3 and stinger
rki_nli_rifleman_gl – armed with g3 with m203
rki_nli_rifleman_hat – armed with g3 and rpg18
rki_nli_marksman – armed with g3 marksman
rki_nli_sniper – armed with g3 marksman
rki_nli_spotter – armed with g3 aimpont
– Vilas West Weapon pack
Author’s note
This is the first of many addons i will be releasing.
Please visit the Official Forum for discussions of this addon.
This is NOT an official Addon. Use it at your own risk.
You are free to distribute this addon under the condition that you keep it free.
Do not modify this addon without explicit permission of the original author.
This addon is for personal entertainmentonly, other uses are forbidden unless explicit permission has been given.
Download: Light Infantry.7z
Needs Vilas West Weapon Pack: