OFP: Project

3 Oct

My OFP project hasnt been abandonded in any shape or form i do plan to get the addons that i have been given permission from Supah from the former Nogovan Armed Forces project. Im just trying to work out if i should release them as they are with NAF tags and release them, or re tag them all with RKI which are my tags, and also perhaps add some additional versions. Also some of the addons i have do need quite abit of work to get them to work in game.

But i have just updated:

Nogovan Light Infantry release, which included an updated weapons pack too:

[Download not found]

Nogovan Desert Light Infantry release which includes several bug fixes:

[Download not found]

I still have the following addons to release:

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Arma2: Project

3 Oct

I have now started on my Nogovan Light Infantry Project for Arma2. I so far have got an old Arma1 soldier working in Oxygen 2, the next stage will be to add the neccesary extra selections to get it to work in Arma2, then i can begin on customizing the old USA soldier model to turn it into a NLI rifleman. Although im sure i can get the rexturing done, what i will need for my Arma2 project is a stand alone FnFal pack.

Anyway here is a screenshot of work in progress:


OFP:Addon Making on Hold

12 Aug

Hi all ive put all my current projects on hold, having to concentrate on my postgraduate studies at the moment and also i have just bought Arma2 and i have a new PC, so as of yet i havent reinstalled OFP.

My New PC

The hardware is mighty impressive:

  • Dual Core AMD 3.10GHz
  • 4.Gig RAM
  • 500 Gig HD 16MB Cache
  • ATI Radeon 4800 2Gig Graphics Card

So now my computer really does fly, and it will be able to play the latest games, and run all the software packages i need too. As before i was finding it hard on my old machine to run multiple programs at the same time due to having only an AMD 1600 and 512MB RAM whch is pathetic compared to my new computer, which i see as a good investment for the future.

OFP:Lack of Updates

17 Jul

Sorry for the lack of updates, i have had a busy few week recently, just moved house so abit hectic recently with sorting out that. Also a few other personal issues have delayed releases, also still juggling a masters degree, so will get back to releasing addons as soon as i can.

I need to get round to releasing my Light Vehicle Pack which is in the final stages now. The pack will include:

  • Uaz 4×4
  • Ranger Jeep
  • Ranger Jeep HMG
  • Repair Truck
  • Fuel Truck
  • Ammo Truck
  • Truck