Arma2: New Releases and Updates

20 Jan

Nogovan Armour – BMP2, T72 and Shika



[Download not found]


Updated Nogovan Light Infantry – using the ACR model

[Download not found]

Updated Crew –  including new Tank Model

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OFP: Addons Released

8 Sep

I have released some of my older OFP addons which i have been meaning to release for some time, i finally got round to it.

I have released my Nogovan Mig21 and Nogovan UH1.


[Download not found] [Download not found]


[Download not found]


Arma2: Updated Status Report

15 Jul
Ive recently moved house, so dont have broadband as of yet so am unable to upload or test any of my addon at the moment. However i have made good progress on my addons:
  • Mig21 CAP And AG versions are almost ready for release. 95% done, just adding additional skins
  • Mi8/17 ready, just need Nogovan Roundel Adding. 90% done
  • Mig23 and Mig27 – long range AA and AG
  • C130 – planning
  • An2 – planning
  • YAk 52 – model done 50% done
  • Jet Trainer –


  • Landrovers – 50% done – config complete – textures to do
  • BRDM2 – planning
  • vs3 – planning
  • t55 – planning
  • bmp1/bmp2/ m113 – planning
  • Marksman – (t55 chassis – AntiAir Unit) 
  • t55 agm – planning
  • Shilka


  • Nogovan Highland Rangers – in progress 80% done
  • Troska Troop – planning
  • Nogovan Light Infantry – update current pack to include reservists