Updated my Nogovan Light Infantry Pack to 3.3, the update includes new groups and new classes, a west config, no east config as yet i will add this soon though. Also added a few new weapons to my addon pack especially for the Nogovan Highland Rangers.

Also i have updated my AN-2 transport plane, by making an East Version and West Version, even if they are early versions they aren’t too bad at the moment.

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I tried your version 3.3 and i got a message about missing config WW4_magazine. I’ve read the ReadMe.txt again and you said nothing about a required WW4 addon, you only mention JAM3 & RKI_WEAP addons in there.

Did you forgot to include it in the ReadMe.txt or i just have a corrupted file ?

I will have a look into it, i normally play my units with Sanctuarys WW4 mod, but i will test tonight. I may have forgotten to add something in a config file.

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