Arma2: T55 Updates

i plan now to have the following T55 Versions, the T55 will be the main Tank in the NAF forces, the T72 will be slowly replacing the T55’s but due to the cost of aquiring new T72,s the T55 will be the main stay of NAF armoured units for some time.

T55-N – Standard T55

T55AM “Merida” – Polish Upgrade developed 1970s and early 1980

T55AM2-“Bear” – Merida version upgraded with a new cannon, 125 mm (L80) smoothbore main gun

T-55AM2BN – “Victor” Merida version upgraded with a new cannon, 125 mm (L80) smoothbore main gun OR 120 mm smoothbore gun (NATO) – Explosive reactive armour (ERA) protection, fire suppression system, ability fire wire guided AT

Victor version is Named after the legendary leader Victor Troska

– the idea is that these upgrades could be applied locally to their existing T55 units, using gear and equipment bought or taken off captured kit left by the soviets in the 1980s.