OFP: Nogovan Vehicle Pack Released

I have released my Nogovan Vehicle Pack, this addon has been long over due for release. But because of real life activities getting in the way the addon had been put on hold.


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OFP:Lack of Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates, i have had a busy few week recently, just moved house so abit hectic recently with sorting out that. Also a few other personal issues have delayed releases, also still juggling a masters degree, so will get back to releasing addons as soon as i can.

I need to get round to releasing my Light Vehicle Pack which is in the final stages now. The pack will include:

  • Uaz 4×4
  • Ranger Jeep
  • Ranger Jeep HMG
  • Repair Truck
  • Fuel Truck
  • Ammo Truck
  • Truck