Nogovan Light Infantry with AK2

Nogovan Light Infantry with AK2 Battle Rifle. The Ak2 is the designation for the G3 Battle Rifle in Nogovan Armed Forces Services, there are a number of variants. Which include the Ak2, AK2A1 and AK2A2


Project Reactivated

After along break, i have started again on theĀ Nogovan Armed Forces Project. Here’s some WIP: Nogovan Light Infantry – with Battle RifleĀ 


Nogovan Airforce Typhoon


Mig21 OPFOR Pack Released

Today i have released my Mig21 OPFOR Pack


Ak2 Aimpoint in Arma3

So ive got the Ak Aimpoint in Arma3 now Just need to work out how to get attachments working now