Credits/Permissions for Arma2

Credits/Permissions for the Arma2 Mod Version

BIS – Models, reference textures and config.


– Wld427 for A2 conversion, FDF mod for model, CŠLA mod for textures. Icebreakr for the .psd templates and updated model.

Nogovan Armour Pack

– marseille77 for providing me with textures for the Shika, much appreciated.
– GossamerSolid for creating the textures for Nogovan Oak and Desert

Nogovan Light Infantry, Nogovan Paratroopers

– thanks to Sabre for the ACR psd templates

Nogovan Pilot Helmet

– Slatts for his Takistan Special Forces addon
– Icewindo for his Blackops addon

Nogovan Tank Crew

– cinco for the Abrams Crew Model, this was released in the “Orphaned Projects Thread” see the following topic:…=1#post1866860

Nogovan T55 Pack

– Permission from rygugu for his great T55 model.
– GossamerSolid for creating the textures for Nogovan Oak and Desert

Nogovan C130

– GossamerSolid for .psd texture template

Nogovan Mi8

– T.S.C.Plage for the .psd texture templates

Nogovan Backpacks

– Lennard for permission to use his textures.

Nogovan Rifles Pack

– G3A3A1 – Converted from CSS with permission
– Model: Fallschirmjager
– Skin: Pete
– UV maps: Twinke Masta

– MKEK T-40 (M203)
– Turkish Union Mod

– Aimpoint
– Vilas

– ELCAN Spectre DR
– Vilas

– IMI MARS Red dot
– TheLama
– drhubbler

– suhsjake for giving me the rifle pack as a donation to my Nogovan Armed Forces Mod.

– da12thMonkey for the permission to use the VIPIR-2 & VIPIR 2+ TWS and Kite – & MaxiKite CWS.

– Marseille77 for the HK32 model

Nogovan Infantry – this included Paratroopers, Light Infantry, Highland Rangers, Counter Terrorist Units, Costal Rangers, Airforce Units, Military Police.

– Icewindo for releasing the MLODS for the Arma1 Special Forces

– Icewindo for giving me and letting me use his unreleased Black Ops Addon, these have been used extensively to form the core of my new infantry models.