Credits and Thanks

– Arma3 Cold War Discord for suggestions and feedback.
– Beachead for the olive and brown camo source files
– BI for creating Arma3
– “Borton hears a thot” for textures for the GM Cap, OT64, 90s Infantry uniform, vests, Uaz Oak and Policie.
– Grip for several uniform and vehicle textures,including the Fiat 6614.
– GM for the texture templates and desert camo from their Takistan texture pack.
– GM Discord for suggestions and feedback.
– Northern Fronts and Jamie for providing the M/62 Helmet.
– Oxi for providing the config files for the HK32 and textures files for the Militia roundel.
– Slatts of Conflict 85 for donating the Fiat 6614 and M151 Models.
– StellaStrela for the Baltic Republic rank source files.
– Team 13 for suggestions and feedback.
– Whiplash for the excellent screenshots for the workshop page.