Order of Battle – 2035s

Army of the Republic of Nogova: ORBAT 2035s

Weapons and Small Arms

Main Rifle = AK2/AK2A1/AK2A2 (Nogovan Variant of the G3 Battle Rifle) – this comes in many variants and versions. This is used by all services

Special Forces – HK33, AK2a2 rifles

Sniper Rifles – DMR, M82, PSG1

Machine Guns – M240G,  M2 Browning, MK40 LMG


1st Battalion, Nogovan Light Infantry (Active Duty (Permanent Force with Conscripts)
A Company: Paratroopers, based on Malden, 110 men

B Company: Light Infantry, based on Nogova, 110 men

C Company: Light Infantry, based on Nogova, 110 men

D Company: Heavy weapons (one platoon attached to each A, B and C Companies), 74 men

HHC Company: Support (HQ, recon, supply), based on Nogova, 56 men

C Squadron, Nogova Light Horse based on Nogova

1st Troop (Platoon): 4 T72M4N, 16 men
2nd Troop: 4 T-T72M4N, 16 men
3rd Troop: Mech Infantry platoon (BMP), 46 men
HQ Troop: 3 T-55A, 1 ZSU-23-4, 2 BMPs, 26 men

F Battery, Nogovan Light Artillery, based on Nogova

M-101 or D-30 guns plus PV3S trucks, 50 men

Nogovan Highland Rangers 48 men

Military Police Platoon, one squad on each island. 44 men.

1 Field Company, Nogova Engineer Regiment 85 men, one platoon on each island.
General HQ, based on Nogova, 40 men incl. General Officer Commanding Nogovan Army (GOCNA)

2 Service Battalion
A Company: Personnel Services (pay, legal, admin, etc.) 20 men

B Company: Medical Services (provides medical support to all Nogovan forces, supervises medic training) 59 men, 4 doctors

C Company: Training Support (incl. drill sergeants, runs military academy and creates and implements Army doctrine), 47 men

D Company: Maintenance (maintains vehicles, motorpools, facilities and weapon systems) 92 men

E Company: Logistics Support (stocks warehouses and supplies units, provides transportation, etc.) 113 men

Reserve Forces Require 2 weeks’ service per year. Six years’ service mandatory after conscription.

Everon Defense Battalion
approx 250 reservists, 5 T-55s, and BTRs

Everon Defence Battalion disbanded due to Everon raising a Defence Force after the breakup of the Nogovan Republic

Malden Defense Battalion
approx 250 reservists, 5 T-55s, 10 MT-LBs and BTR-60s

Malden Defence Battalion – still active. Malden at present only has a Militia, but heavy NATO presence based at Malden Airport.

Nogova Defense Battalion
approx 200 reservists,10 T-55s, 3 ZSU-23-4 and BTR-60s

Additional Reserve Equipment (in storage due to operating costs, lack of spare parts, poor serviceability, etc. Remnants of Soviet-supported coup in 1985)

Airforce of the Republic of Nogova:

Attack Aircraft

Eurofighter Typhoon-
Mig21 – been phased out for Typhoon
Transport Aircraft

UH1 –

Mi8/17 –

Mi24 –

C130 –

Navy of the Republic of Nogova:

A preliminary idea of a Naval component for the Nogovan military.

Naval Forces of the Republic of Nogova:

Patrol Squadron
3 light patrol boats (torpedo)
I imagine these to be similar to any other torpedo boat out there.
2 light patrol boats (missile)
Basically a torpedo boat with missile boxes/tubes instead of torpedos? SS-N-2C Styx or Penguin?
75 men, 12 NCOs, 8 officers

Fisheries and Customs Enforcement Squadron
5 patrol boats (like OFP PBRs)
15 men, 5 NCOs, 2 officers

Naval Security Detatchment (acts as security and marines)
2 officers
8 NCOs
48 men
organized and equipped like a light infantry platoon
3 BTRs or MT-LBs available

Nogovan Admiralty
Office of the Commodore – Naval HQ
1 Rear Admiral (Commodore)
2 officers (aides)
4 NCOs
10 men (drivers, aides, radio operators, etc.)

Naval Support Service – provides personnel services to Nogovan Navy.
2 officers
5 NCOs
17 men

Naval Base Service – provides supply and maintenance services to the navy.
3 officers
10 NCOs
30 men

Credit goes to Sander and Hellfish6 who wrote the Order of Battle of the OFP Nogovan Armed Forces Project – before i created by Nogovan Light Infantry addon from OFP.