Arma2: USMC UH1

USMC UH1 – Arma 2: Combined Operations

USMC UH1 by R0adki11 and astast

This addon adds a UH1 to BLUFOR Side in USMC Colours

More Images taken by astast available below:

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USMC UH1 – Arma 2: Combined Operations

Release 1.0
By R0adki11 and Astast


To contact R0adki11 or Astast please use the BisForums


– Bis for this great game we all still enjoy.
– astast for the textures – who on the Bisforums made an request for an USMC UH1, astast created the textures his addon.

– astast for the excellent screenshots

– R0adki11 made the config file and has done the testing


– Public Release

There is 1 PBO files in the rar file, which need to be extracted into your Arma2 Addons folder or appropiate Mod folder.

Located under >>>> USMC – Air >> UH1



– None


Please visit the Official Forum for discussions of this addon.

This is NOT an official Addon. Use it at your own risk.
You are free to distribute this addon under the condition that you keep it free.
Do not modify this addon without explicit permission of the original author.
This addon is for personal entertainment only, other uses are forbidden unless explicit permission has been given.

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