Nogovan Armed Force Project Add-ons:

I created these add-ons to fill the gap in the military of the Nogova Islands, completely fictional, but trying to make them are realistic as possible. This includes manpower, military spending and equipment.

About the Author:

Hi all R0adki11 here the author of the Nogovan Armed Force Project Add-ons, here a little bit about me. Ive been playing BIS games since the OFP Demo was released and have been hooked ever since. Ive made add-ons for OFP and Arma2, and still in process of adding units for my ever expanding faction.


The main inspiration of this project was the unreleased and unfinished Nogovan Armed Forces Project from OFP, which i have the permission to use some of their unreleased models.


Most if not all updates will be posted on this website and within the BIS Forum Topic:

Arma3: (https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/186244-nogovan-armed-forces-naf/)

Cheers R0adki11