Arma3: Nogovan Armed Forces 1.1

23 Apr

Nogovan Armed Forces – NAF – Update 1.1 – The Eden Update


NAF requires the latest version of Community Base Addons:
NAF requires the latest version of HLC Weapons Core:
NAF requires the latest version of HLC G3 Pack:

1. Extract the @NAFfolder from the .zip archive to your root arma 3 directory.
2. Create a new shortcut or edit an existing one, and add @NAF-mod parameter, for a longer explanation see this tutorial:
3. Launch Arma 3 from the shortcut you created.


Initial release (v1.0). No known Issues.

Updated release (v1.1):

Added Nogovan Urban based Units for the Rangers
Added Eden Groups so that the Eden editor is much more tidier and simpler to find units
Added some new insignia to the editor/virtual arsenal
Added some additional pre-equipped weapon load outs for speaclist troops.
Lots of Configuration and config tiding.


R0adki11 – Config Work / Unit textures.
LykosMactire for creating a Nogovan Oak Camo based on Pantera camo.
vanschmoozin for creating Nogovan Oak camo and an updated version of the Pantera Camo – see his great work here:
Meaty for his reskins and permission to use his Arid Camo –
Bohemia Interactive – ArmA 3 for the great game we all love.



[Download not found]



15 Jun

Updated my Nogovan Light Infantry Pack to 3.3, the update includes new groups and new classes, a west config, no east config as yet i will add this soon though. Also added a few new weapons to my addon pack especially for the Nogovan Highland Rangers.

Also i have updated my AN-2 transport plane, by making an East Version and West Version, even if they are early versions they aren’t too bad at the moment.