Cold War – Nogovan Armed Forces Updated

Cold War – Nogovan Armed Forces Updated Today (15/07/2021)

Update – 15-07-2021

Added this Update:

Added – 90s Units for Light Infantry, Arid and UN – Units avaliable on BLUFOR and Independent. Groups for BLUFOR and Independent. Thanks to “Borton hears a thot” for the textures for the 90s infantry units.
Added – 80s Units to Independent side for mission flexibility. Including groups.
Added – Nogovan Highland Ranger Snipers armed with SVD to 80s units.
Added – Military Police unit to 80s and 90s units.
Added – 90s Units to Independent side for mission flexibility.
Added – G41 – G3 chambered in 5.56.
Added – HK32 EBR versions and G41 EBR versions.
Added – Vehicles to Independent to match Infantry units.
Added – Uaz, Uaz DKSM, Uaz SPG to Nogovan Armed Forces units. Thanks to “Borton hears a thot” for the texture files.
Added – Policie Faction to BLUFOR, Independent,OPFOR and Civilian units armed with SMG, AKM and HK32. Uaz, Uaz Armed, P601 , Motorbike and a Ural. Thanks to “Borton hears a thot” for the textures for the Uaz and Uaz DKSM Policie variants.
Added – Nogovan Policie uniform and hat in green. Avaliable for BLUFOR, Independent,OPFOR and Civilian factions.
Added – P601 to the Cars section for the Nogovan Armed Forces. Avaliable on BLUFOR and Independent.
Added – Do28d2 Transport and Medevac. Avaliable on BLUFOR and Independent.
Added – L410t Transport. Avaliable on BLUFOR and Independent.
Added – Insigina for Army, Rangers, Navy and Police.
Added – Apex M2 configured with GM ammunition with Nogovan Rifleman crew. Avaliable on BLUFOR and Independent.
Added – UI icons for all Uniforms, Headgear, Vests.
Added – 3den Preview Images for all Vehicles and Infantry.
Added – Brown and Olive camo variants to used for Militia or Reservist units. Thanks to Beachead from the Arma Cold Warriors Discord.

Fixed in this Update:

Fixed – Cargo seats in M151A2 so no more standing up people in the back.
Fixed – Shadow LOD on M62 helmet. Thanks to Caselius from Northern Fronts on providing the updated shadow LOD.
Fixed – Adjusted M2 sight on M151A2 so its more usable. Not perfect yet.

Updated in this Update:

Updated – Fiat 6614 and M151A2 now use GM based M2 ammunition
Updated – Tidied up some 3den groups.
Updated – Insigina so they are all prefixed with NAF.
Updated – All ranks use Baltic Republic ranks by StellaStrela after she released the sources recently.

Credits and Thanks

– Arma3 Cold War Discord for suggestions and feedback.
– Beachead for the olive and brown camo source files.
– BI for creating Arma3
– “Borton hears a thot” for textures for the GM Cap, OT64, 90s Infantry uniform, vests, Uaz Oak and Policie.
– Grip for several uniform and vehicle textures,including somne for the Fiat 6614.
– GM for the texture templates and desert camo from their Takistan texture pack.
– GM Discord for suggestions and feedback.
– Northern Fronts and Jamie for providing the M/62 Helmet.
– Oxi for providing the config files for the HK32 and textures files for the Militia roundel.
– Slatts of Conflict 85 for donating the Fiat 6614 and M151 Models.
– StellaStrela for the Baltic Republic rank source files.
– Team 13 for suggestions and feedback.
– Whiplash for the excellent screenshots for the workshop page.

Arma3: Cold War – Nogovan Armed Forces

Some members of the community may have seen I have been posting images of a new mod I’ve been working on my twitter account and over on the Arma Cold Warriors Discord. Anyway I thought I would formally announce it on these forums. After a break of a few years, due to other commitments I am now back making some content for Arma3. I am in the process of using GM assets and uniforms to make some Cold War Era Nogovan Armed Forces. This carries on my Nogovan Armed Forces made for OFP, Arma2 and Arma3. Also I’ve always preferred this era of warfare as Operation Flashpoint is where my BI gaming journey began. 

Anyway on to the plans, I will be using GM assets to have the following infantry units:

  • Nogovan Light Infantry with G3s
  • Nogovan Paratroopers with G3s
  • Nogovan Highland Rangers with G3s and Soviet Gear
  • Armoured Vehicles – likely to stick with Soviet gear
  • Light Vehicles – a mix of Soviet and German/Dutch gear
  • Air – a mix of Soviet and German

Further updates can be seen on the BI Forums from time to time.

Arma3: Nogovan Armed Forces 1.1

Nogovan Armed Forces – NAF – Update 1.1 – The Eden Update


NAF requires the latest version of Community Base Addons:
NAF requires the latest version of HLC Weapons Core:
NAF requires the latest version of HLC G3 Pack:

1. Extract the @NAFfolder from the .zip archive to your root arma 3 directory.
2. Create a new shortcut or edit an existing one, and add @NAF-mod parameter, for a longer explanation see this tutorial:
3. Launch Arma 3 from the shortcut you created.


Initial release (v1.0). No known Issues.

Updated release (v1.1):

Added Nogovan Urban based Units for the Rangers
Added Eden Groups so that the Eden editor is much more tidier and simpler to find units
Added some new insignia to the editor/virtual arsenal
Added some additional pre-equipped weapon load outs for speaclist troops.
Lots of Configuration and config tiding.


R0adki11 – Config Work / Unit textures.
LykosMactire for creating a Nogovan Oak Camo based on Pantera camo.
vanschmoozin for creating Nogovan Oak camo and an updated version of the Pantera Camo – see his great work here:
Meaty for his reskins and permission to use his Arid Camo –
Bohemia Interactive – ArmA 3 for the great game we all love.



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