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Arma2: Nogovan Armed Forces Project 1.2 Release

Nogovan Armed Forces Project 1.2 Release



After releasing most of my addons individually, i have decided to group the released content together. As know i have enough to reflect all branches of the Nogovan Armed Forces.

This is the release topic for my Nogovan Armed Forces Project, this a continuation of my Nogovan Armed Forces Project from OFP. The aim of this Project is to create an Armed Forces that is representative of the Nogova Repuplic in a Modern World.

*The Nogovan Republic Consists of Nogova, Everon and Malden.


Brief History

“Following the wars that ravaged the islands in the 1980′s, it was decided that the old militia system of weekend warriors with a minimum of training was insufficient to ensure the defence of the Nogovan Republic. Permanent armed forces based on universal conscription were therefore established, built around a core of former FIA guerilla’s and returned expatriate officers.

The modest resources of the islands of Nogova, Everon and Malden preclude massive investment into modern armaments, leading to an emphasis on acquiring smart soldiers rather than smart weaponry. Rigorous and extensive training programs have been developed to ensure that raw recruits are brought to a high professional standard with a variety of military skills. In joint exercises with Western militaries Nogovan draftees have outperformed the foreign regular counterparts on multiple occasions.

All soldiers must pass an extended basic training for a period of six months before entering advanced military training. Part of the soldiers are then enrolled in the combat arms, part in the supporting services. Due to the relatively long ininital training all forces have a firm background in basic infantry skills regardless of their subsequent specialisation.

The main part of recruits enter the light infantry which provides soldiers with training for operations in both alpine and desert conditions. Nogovan light infantry doctrine places a high value on dispersed and independent operations by platoon sized units against numerically superior or more heavily armed forces, mimicking the resistance tactics developed in the wars against the Soviets.
Part of the troops are assigned to the armoured corps, which specialises in combined operations with tanks and armoured personnel carriers.

The Nogovan Light Horse endorses fast aggressive tactics to quickly disrupt airborne or amphibuous invasions before initial assault forces are able to establish a firm bridgehead. Its reliance on brute force contrasts with the more fluid tactics of the rest of the army.

After basic military training and the light infantry course the best and brightest of the recruits can volunteer for service with the airborne company, undergoing extensive advanced training imparting airborne and amphibuous infiltration techniques, demolitions skills and use of foreign weaponry and equipment. Endurance and initiative are highly stimulated in airborne candidates, a high number of which eventually enter non commissioned – and subaltern officer training courses at the Viktor Troska Military Institute.”


I have to thank astast for taking the screenshots 

Beta Testers:

Dondero, markb50k and astast


Version 1.0

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Optional Extras to the Nogovan Armed Forces Project

Nogovan JAS39 – this has additional requirements which is why i left it as an optional download.

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Nogovan Crew – found in the main NAF mod.

GLT JAS-39 “Gripen –

GLT Missile Box –