Arma3: Cold War – Nogovan Armed Forces

Some members of the community may have seen I have been posting images of a new mod I’ve been working on my twitter account and over on the Arma Cold Warriors Discord. Anyway I thought I would formally announce it on these forums. After a break of a few years, due to other commitments I am now back making some content for Arma3. I am in the process of using GM assets and uniforms to make some Cold War Era Nogovan Armed Forces. This carries on my Nogovan Armed Forces made for OFP, Arma2 and Arma3. Also I’ve always preferred this era of warfare as Operation Flashpoint is where my BI gaming journey began. 

Anyway on to the plans, I will be using GM assets to have the following infantry units:

  • Nogovan Light Infantry with G3s
  • Nogovan Paratroopers with G3s
  • Nogovan Highland Rangers with G3s and Soviet Gear
  • Armoured Vehicles – likely to stick with Soviet gear
  • Light Vehicles – a mix of Soviet and German/Dutch gear
  • Air – a mix of Soviet and German

Further updates can be seen on the BI Forums from time to time.